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Xining Education Bureau: formulating regulations on home school WeChat group to protect the right to rest between teachers and students

Release time: 2018-10-04
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Recently, from the Education Bureau of Chengxi District of Xining City, Qinghai Province, we learned that in order to standardize the management of network communication platforms of schools, kindergartens, Weixin, QQ working groups and other schools in the district, and to lighten the burden of overwork and study of parents and students, Chengxi District issued the "Five Needs and Five Needs" Regulations for the management of network communication platforms between schools and families.


The requirement requires that information should be followed in the platform.

First, it should conform to the educational policy; second, it should pay attention to practical results, improve work efficiency and minimize the number of information exchanges;
Third, to transmit positive energy; Fourth, to be civilized and courteous, generally do not use voice communication, do not abuse personal expression; Fifth, to be standardized and rigorous, notification should refer to the formal writing requirements.

"Five do not" is: first, do not send a break, information release in the working hours, to effectively protect the majority of students, parents of the right to rest. Second, homework, grade ranking, etc. should not be issued, student homework teachers should arrange in class, not published in the exchange group, not issued student examination results, criticism and praise not issued, canvassing evaluation not issued. Three, do not send information such as help, charity and fundraising without permission from District Education Bureau. Generally speaking, we should not praise or reply in principle, so as to avoid the appearance of "flattering farts". Fourthly, don't send any words, pictures, links and other information unrelated to work, such as commercial advertisements or commodity marketing, strictly prohibit faculty and staff to become "micro-merchants" and avoid the emergence of "advertising groups". The five is the secret information of others.

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