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In order to further strengthen the construction of education faculty, the Ministry of education has implemented the excellent teacher training plan 2.

Release time: 2018-10-16
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It is reported that the Ministry of Education recently issued a document to implement the Excellent Teacher Training Plan 2.0 in order to cultivate a group of high-quality professional and innovative primary and secondary school teachers with profound educational feelings, solid professional foundation, courage to innovate in teaching, good at comprehensive education and the ability to develop lifelong learning.


It is understood that this plan is a strengthened version of the previous implementation of the "Excellent Teacher Training Plan". The goal is to run a number of high-level and distinctive teachers'education colleges and universities and teachers' majors through about five years of effort. The pertinence and effectiveness of teacher ethics education have been significantly enhanced, and the curriculum system and teaching content have been significantly updated to teachers'colleges and universities. The new form of student-centered education and teaching has been basically formed, the quality of practical teaching has been significantly improved, the mechanism of cooperative training has been basically sound, the teaching staff of teacher education has been significantly optimized, and the culture of teacher education quality has been basically established. By 2035, the comprehensive quality, professional level and innovative ability of normal school students will be significantly improved, laying a solid foundation for training and bringing up millions of backbone teachers, hundreds of thousands of outstanding teachers and tens of thousands of educators.

The Ministry of Education's opinions on the implementation of the Excellent Teacher Cultivation Plan 2.0 put forward that teachers'moral education should be carried out in an all-round way, and teachers' training reform should be carried out in outstanding middle schools, primary schools, kindergartens, secondary vocational schools and special education schools.

In order to strengthen and optimize the Faculty of teacher education, it is proposed that the Faculty of Teacher Education in Colleges and universities should be properly matched and matched to meet the needs of training outstanding teachers, and that preferential policies should be adopted in the aspects of post employment, performance wage distribution, etc. Strengthen the construction of teacher education disciplines, guide colleges and universities to establish a teacher assessment mechanism in line with the characteristics of teacher education, guide and promote teachers of teacher education, especially subject curriculum and teaching theory teachers to carry out basic education and vocational education research. We will build a long-term and stable team of part-time teachers who are deeply involved in the training of teachers through the joint construction of the studio of famous teachers and principals in primary and secondary schools, the mobile station of super teachers, and the talent pool of enterprise tutors. To guide and promote the mutual engagement of teachers between universities and primary and secondary schools, and to establish and improve a long-term mechanism for two-way exchanges between universities and primary and secondary schools.

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