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Future Mogao: breaking the boundaries of traditional education and establishing a learner centered ecological construction

Release time: 2018-09-11
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At the seminar on the development of online education in the new era and the fifth anniversary of the school online conference held recently, more than 600 people, including educational experts at home and abroad, representatives of internationally renowned courseware platforms, masters of fine courseware, learners of courseware, and representatives of enterprises, gathered to discuss the future development prospects of online education.


Breaking the space and time limit of traditional education and mooing lead to the transformation of education and teaching mode in Chinese Universities

Yu Shijie, deputy director of the online education research center of the Ministry of Education and director of the Online Education Office of Tsinghua University, said that by April this year, the number of courses offered in China had exceeded 5,000, the number of students had exceeded 70 million, and 11 million learners had achieved proficiency certification.

"On October 10, 2013, Tsinghua University released the world's first online Chinese language learning platform, from 2013 to 2018, Chinese language learning has gone through an unusual five years. Great achievements have been made in quantity and quality construction and application. Jiang Shengyao, deputy president and executive secretary of Tsinghua University, said, "In the past five years, the admiration of courses has broken the time and space boundaries of traditional education, promoted quality sharing, and learners of different ages and ages can study the courses of famous universities anytime and anywhere. It can be said that the change of Chinese higher education mode caused by the admiration of lessons has realized the change from teacher-centered teaching and learning to student-centered teaching and learning. Some original silent courses and classrooms have become interactive places of collision thoughts.

The drop out rate is high and curriculum design is in urgent need of adjustment.

But it is not without challenge. One obvious manifestation is that the drop out rate of online education is very high.

"Because the dropout rate is very high, many people say that moody lessons will not work, and moody lessons will soon be over. But there is another data, that is, Moore learners are increasing rapidly, reaching 200 million places soon. According to George Siemens, this is a common problem in the development of global admiration, but this contrast provides a new perspective on the development of admiration, that is, "learning environment, learning technology are changing, we are not really providing education programs and courses to meet the needs of students today."

"A previous Harvard study found that 70 percent of students who attend classes already have undergraduate degrees, which means most of them are already at work, but want to go back to college to study, which is also a lifelong practice and learning practice." George Siemens says some schools are already making changes, such as offering additional certificates in some of the fastest growing areas: "It's actually a multi-billion-dollar market for people to re-nurture skills, not to move the university's own courses online."

From Mogao class to Mogao class +

At the meeting, George SIEMENS's assertion was recognized by many people. He believes that the focus should be shifted to the construction of a new learner-centered ecology, and the curriculum platform should also cooperate with more schools and enterprises, with the help of new technology to provide learners with richer learning content.

Kathy Pope, Vice President of EdX, a well-known course platform co-founded by MIT and Harvard University, has proposed a new model of 2022 education, which includes modular education, full-channel education and lifelong education, forming a single course, micro-degree, online degree ladder-like product structure: "micro-master, micro-book launched by edX The project, in cooperation with many universities and enterprises, enables students to learn more flexibly through the mutual recognition of credit model, but also to promote quality higher education to more people and regions.

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