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Don't let educational anxiety disturb your judgement.

Release time: 2018-10-09
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When children have the opportunity to participate in training and self-improvement, most parents will not hesitate to give full support, so "education anxiety" has become a common disease of Chinese parents.



Not long ago, a case in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, drew attention from all sides. A student's parents received information from their children on QQ, saying they needed to pay the training fee immediately. Due to limited time and limited places, the mother was quickly cheated 10 thousand yuan. Fortunately, the public security authorities quickly arrested the suspect and the truth of the fraud was uncovered.

In March this year, Ms. Yu of Zhangjiagang received an application from a QQ friend. She opened the application and found that the applicant had written her daughter's name. Without much thought, Ms. Yu just click to add it as a friend.

Usually, and her daughter's contact is telephone, Weixin, this time suddenly with QQ contact, Ms. Yu slightly surprised. Daughter said in QQ, in the school computer operation class, inconvenient telephone contact, on the QQ to add a mother as a friend, easy to class "drift."

Daughter is now in the third year of College in Nanjing. Because she went to university in the field, her parents paid special attention to her study and life.

Ms. Yu was gratified to see her daughter's signature QQ: "Knowledge is an ocean, and man is a boat. Only by living in the ocean of knowledge can one swim freely."

After greeting each other for a few words, her daughter rushed to the main topic, saying that the school invited professors from Peking University to come to the school for mathematics and other courses training, they want to take the postgraduate entrance examination, so they are ready to sign up for training. The daughter gave a brief introduction to the training course and asked her for advice.

My daughter has been studying very hard and has achieved good results. Now she has made such a request on her own initiative. Ms. Yu said nothing and expressed her full support.
Subsequently, the daughter said that the living expenses are not enough to pay the registration fee, but also want to ask her mother to help her directly sign up, and organize training for a director of the QQ number to her. She repeatedly told her mother that there were not many training places in the school radio announcement. After class, the school would report the list and let her contact Director Wang to sign up.

At that time, it was already 3 p.m., and the deadline for registration was only half an hour away from the daughter. Ms. Yu immediately added Mr. Wang's QQ and Mr. Wang's greetings as soon as she heard that there were not many seats left. She simply consulted the training course.

According to director Wang, the successful registration is based on the arrival of the training fee. It is suggested that the application should be deposited in the school account by the way of net bank payment or cash. After the parents pay the fee, the school will inform their children to fill in the registration form at the school office and the invoice will be handed over to the children together.

Fearing that she could not get the training quota, Ms. Yu immediately signed up, contacted her relatives and friends to help raise the registration fee of 10,000 yuan and transferred it to the account provided by Director Wang.

Due to time constraints and excessive stress, she even lost the wrong password several times. She didn't feel relieved until the notice was received.

Later that evening, Ms. Yu called her daughter and said that the training fee had been paid. My daughter was totally confused. After repeated verification, Ms. Yu realized that she was cheated, so she immediately called the police.

The police caught Tao Mou, the owner of the bank account in Hainan, through the bank account of the payee and other clues. Then, according to the case clues, they caught Li Mou, Wu Mou and Xie Mou, the suspects in the same case.

On September 29, the People's Procuratorate of Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, prosecuted Wu Mou and three others for fraud according to law. Tao Mou did not participate in the crime of fraud because he provided identity information to open a fraudulent account. The procuratorial organs prosecuted him for the crime of concealing or concealing the proceeds of crime according to law.

In the process of examination, the procuratorial organs found that the fraud gang had a clear division of labor and a cunning way. Wu and others use illegally obtained information such as the names of students and parents, QQ numbers and other citizens to pretend to contact parents on QQ.

Different people are responsible for pretending to be QQ contact between students and parents, pretending to be Director Wang contact with parents, receiving the transfer amount withdrawal and so on.

In the case of electronic evidence, the fraud design is rigorous and meticulous, the defendant has formed a QQ dialogue model, according to the different reactions of parents, there will be different templates for response, uniform caliber, that is, the defendant and the victim of QQ chat process, according to different scenarios template copy and paste The process.
According to investigators, the gang has mastered the identity information of the deceived students, and the suspect Tao is still a student in school, their deception design and "role" play a strong deception.

At the same time, cheaters use the near end of the University period, resulting in limited quotas, time constraints and other illusions, so that parents do not have enough time to think, transfer money in a hurry. According to the evidence available to the prosecution, the gang sent QQ friends to more than 400 parents of school students in the name of their children to apply for fraud. In addition to Ms. Yu in Zhangjiagang, many parents in Shandong, Sichuan and other places were deceived.

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