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Pay attention to class selection and class system: practice and reflection from the front line

Release time: 2018-10-02
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Hierarchical shift teaching has a certain impact on students, teachers and school management. Therefore, how to establish and improve the relevant management mechanism of "hierarchical shift system" is very important. Our school focuses on the following aspects:

Form a flat management mode. The management mode of pyramid structure, which is copied from the traditional management, is that the principal is at the top, the ordinary teacher is at the bottom of the pyramid, and there is a lot of separation between them. Many effective decisions and instructions may be ignored in the teaching process. The Humanities Department and the Science Department have been set up in the school. The management mode has changed from the complicated level to the three levels of principals, ministries and teachers.

Improve the "full staff tutorial system". Under the background of deepening the curriculum reform, the administrative class and the teaching class exist simultaneously, which makes the teaching management more difficult. In order to promote the effective development of hierarchical class teaching and ensure that there are no loopholes in class teaching management, we have constructed a "three in one" class management system, and formed a "all members grasp the co-management" personality education bureau. This has solved the difficulty of "one person to many people, the work is difficult to get in place" in the implementation of traditional administrative class teaching and hierarchical class teaching, and promoted the reform to proceed in an orderly and efficient manner. Specific measures are as follows: First, teachers double-post management, under the premise of coexistence of administrative class and teaching class, the implementation of double-post management of student management, that is, the administrative class teacher and teacher management. Establishing teachers is the core of the teaching class and the first responsible person for teaching, discipline, property and safety management. The basic requirement for teachers is that they should have two responsibilities, one is to complete the task of subject teaching, and the other is to assume the responsibility of managing the students in the teaching class. Secondly, students are managed independently. A monitor is set up in the teaching class to manage the class affairs, take charge of attendance, discipline maintenance and daily hygiene supervision. Thirdly, the growth mentor guides each student with a growth mentor in a two-way way way. Each teacher serves as a growth mentor for about ten students, paying attention to the development of students'personality. In the learning process, the growth tutor will track the students'personality characteristics, academic achievements, learning interest, cognitive level, learning potential and other aspects to help students choose courses consistent with their sexual orientation and interests, so as to achieve ideological guidance, academic guidance, psychological guidance and life guidance.
Establishing incentive measures for teachers' sustainable development. The key to achieving effective results in stratified teaching lies in the teaching and management of teachers. Therefore, it is necessary to equip the A, B, C classes with teachers and evaluate them comprehensively. It is not only beneficial to students'study, but also can arouse the enthusiasm of each teacher. At the same time, it is also necessary to enhance teachers' abilities in all aspects to meet students'diversified needs.

Formulate relevant measures to improve teachers' curriculum leadership and execution. Diversified courses put forward higher requirements for teachers, we will lay more teacher training paths, focusing on the two key issues of "curriculum research and development" and "teaching implementation" to further improve teachers'curriculum leadership; with the help of cooperative forces outside the school, we will further develop teachers' teaching ability to meet the needs of students. Diversified demand.

Guide teachers to self positioning and promote sustainable development. According to the teaching style and characteristics of teachers, we should arrange the appropriate teaching classes fairly. Give the teacher space, give the teacher choice, let each teacher toward their own dream, use their wisdom to come to a suitable road. Establish the "curriculum research institute" of the school, establish the "curriculum network" of the school, strengthen the echelon training of tutors, so as to achieve sustainable development.

Establish a diversified teacher evaluation system. From the professional ethics, workload, teaching conventions, professional development, teaching performance and other aspects of comprehensive evaluation, covering all aspects of education and teaching. At the same time, teachers are evaluated through various ways, such as students, parents, teachers and leaders. In addition, teaching achievement is no longer related to teachers' personal evaluation, instead of overall evaluation of disciplinary teams.

Establish a feedback mechanism for family school interaction. The school must build a required class management platform and use the platform to fine manage the teaching situation. In this platform, teachers record each student's attendance, classroom performance, homework and tutor's guidance. If students have problems, they can leave a message to the teacher. Parents can know the children's learning situation in school at the first time and communicate with teachers in time.

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