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Chinese teaching must be based on love.

Release time: 2018-10-08
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"Emotion" is the basis of literary creation, and the selection of texts in Chinese textbooks is also based on emotion, taking words as seedlings, so Chinese teaching must take emotion as the first. In the classroom, teachers can rely on textbooks to nurture the students'culture and help them understand the charm of Chinese. At the same time, cultivate students'Chinese literacy, so that they can develop good feelings on the basis of sympathy with the author of the article. In the implementation of emotional teaching in Chinese classroom, teachers should integrate their own emotions into the text emotion, guide students to appreciate the text emotion, organize students to have multi-angle emotional experience, and educate people with emotion.

Chinese teachers are the organizers of Chinese teaching, and they have a leading effect on students'emotions. Their words and deeds exert a subtle influence on students' emotions. Chinese teaching material is the carrier of text author's dissemination of emotion, and contains strong emotional factors. Teachers can not throw aside the textbook, simply teach students the thoughts and feelings in the text, let alone the students speculate on the meaning of the text. Teachers must first seriously study the textbooks, carefully excavate the attributes of the textbooks, accurately grasp the emotions permeated in the works. Emotion is in the middle but in the outside, to stimulate their own emotions, can ignite students'emotions, so that students' emotions and the feelings of the article into one, and produce their own emotions, so that students and authors, works of harmony. In this way, Chinese teaching will reach the realm of "mountain climbing is full of love, sea view is overflowing in the sea".

The creation of teaching situation is an important means of affective teaching. Novel teaching situation can stimulate students'enthusiasm to participate in inquiry learning, and then guide them into the text, edify sentiment. In the specific teaching process, pre-class teachers can use situational introduction, emotional rendering, atmosphere foil and other methods to hold the heartstrings of students. According to the needs of teaching, we can choose to tell stories, tell strange stories, tell strange things, read beautiful articles, recite poems and other ways to activate the classroom, so as to attract students and stimulate their enthusiasm for learning. Songs, paintings, calligraphy, multimedia courseware can be flexibly introduced into the classroom, these forms are not only conducive to stimulate and generate students'inner feelings, but also help students understand the text and the author's feelings. This kind of emotional teaching enables teachers to vividly and vividly explain the emotions and ideas of the text, so that students can be placed in a beautiful textual situation, cultivate a beautiful emotion, turn the interest in learning Chinese into a hobby, and further develop into interest.

Teaching language is the bridge of emotional teaching. In Chinese teaching, teachers'language should at least be vivid, stimulating and appealing. Looking from the external form, the teacher's language should have the rhythm of priority, the cadence, and the changeable tone. From the content point of view, the teacher's language should be scientific and rigorous, easy to understand, simple and refined, not too much nonsense, stereotype. Teachers can also cooperate with appropriate body language, combining voiced language with silent language, and promote students to communicate with the text and dialogue with the author.

In the Chinese classroom, only emotional collision, there is a spiritual dialogue, there are teachers and students share the pleasure of the United States. In my opinion, only the emotional language classroom, is able to coruscate the vitality of the classroom, is the ideal classroom.

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