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In grade three, we still do not teach texts.

Release time: 2018-10-08
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Third grade, do you still teach the text? This seems to be a problem that should not be a problem.
But the present situation of Chinese teaching in senior three is that many schools regard topic-making as the whole content of senior three teaching in order to test marks.
This situation shows the various helplessness of quality education in the face of reality. After all, students, parents and schools must respect their scores and accept the fact that scores are arranged. However, what the writer wants to question is whether it can really improve the achievement of the college entrance examination in Chinese.
According to a survey, high-scoring candidates do not agree that high scores benefit from intensive language training, they believe that long-term reading and targeted self-practice results. Mid-term examinees think that more than half of the Chinese exercises in senior high school are done in vain. They spend a lot of time doing the corrections to consolidate the exercises. It seems that they have learned a lot of tricks. As a result, facing the college entrance examination questions, they do not have enough strength. Candidates with low scores are already struggling to cope with them, and they can not afford to take any interest.

Why is it such a result? I think the reason is obvious: quick success and instant benefit, contrary to the law of teaching. Why teaching, teaching and teaching is the three origin of teaching. "Why teaching" is the meaning, "how to teach" is the method, "what to teach" is the attribute and the starting point. The problem of "what to teach" has become a problem, and the other two problems have become worthless.

I believe that teaching texts is the starting point for Chinese teaching in senior three.

One of the reasons is that the principle of "college entrance examination" is "teaching and testing". Obviously, this "teaching" is regulated by the curriculum standards of the national education sector, not by schools or teachers. Many schools are based on the last year's college entrance examination "test based teaching", seemingly smart, but absurd.

Two reasons: the presentation of Chinese test questions is text. Taking Jiangsu College Entrance Examination Paper as an example, the classical Chinese reading, poetry appreciation, literary text reading, discourse practical text reading texts and textbooks with a score of nearly 70 are no different. Even if the examination paper is regarded as a teaching attribute, we should study the problem-solving method on the basis of teaching students to read the text thoroughly. On the contrary, the present situation of Chinese teaching in senior three is just the opposite, because we pay more attention to doing more questions. How long can the "method building" based on shallow reading stand?

Three reasons: combining reading with writing, reading and writing is the basis for improving the quality of Chinese language. Candidates with good reading skills are generally not bad at writing, and good candidates are generally not bad at reading. There is a positive correlation between reading and writing. The positioning of Chinese language teaching in senior middle school as "teaching examination" is obviously an end.

hen, how does senior three teach the text?

The third grade has its particularity and the teaching text should be different from that of senior one. The author puts forward the following three ways:

First, reading and commenting should take the basic thinking of text teaching as the starting point. It is unrealistic for senior three to not do the examination questions. The problem is that many teachers in the reading and commenting section of the text to try to stop, and even stop at the answer stage, this is an inefficient or even ineffective reading teaching. The author thinks that the basic ideas of text teaching should be attributed to reading and commenting.

Two, self compiled reading questions can be taught in class. In the teaching process of senior three, teachers often compile some reading questions themselves. The texts of these reading questions are often carefully chosen by the teachers. In my opinion, this kind of text can be taught as a text first, and the emphasis of teaching can be set on several key points involved in the proposition. The end of the text teaching is finished and the students are asked to consolidate the topic. In this way, students not only know what they are, but also know why they are. They have not only completed the reading training, but also acquired the ideas and methods of propositions. Teachers'comments are handy, which is a real hit.

Three, the classic text, another angle to teach it again. The author thinks that in the review of senior three, we should arrange the stage review for the return to the text appropriately. Which texts are selected? I think we can choose some classical texts based on style. Taking the compulsory textbook of the Soviet Education Press as an example, classical Chinese can choose such texts as Lian Po Lin Xiangru Lizhuan and Six Kingdoms, ancient poems can choose such texts as Heighting, Shu Dao Nan, argumentative papers can choose such texts as Dai Bi, Simple Brush and Traditional Brush, and narrative articles can choose Lao Wang and Mr. Li Shutong. And so on. As far as text teaching is concerned, it should be different from senior one. For example, the six states theory can focus on the argumentation structure and the training of argumentation. Simple and elaborate brushwork can focus on the selection of explanatory materials, guide students to revise the old works, and upgrade the composition training. Lian Po Lin Xiangru Lie Zhuan and Six Kingdoms Theory can focus on the classification and review of the real words and special usage of classical Chinese, and strengthen the foundation of classical Chinese. "Climbing High" and "Shu Dao Nan" can guide students to make their own propositions, and enhance students'ability of poetry appreciation and examination. In short, a new method of classical re-reading, both "warming the old" and "learning new", so that the senior three classroom presents a new look, why not?

To sum up, whether from the promotion of students'language literacy, or utilitarian point of view, from the improvement of students' language performance, senior three language teaching or should return to the right way to teaching texts.

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