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A 17 year old boy committed suicide and a student loan shark amounted to about 34800000 yuan.

Release time: 2018-10-01
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In recent years, the sudden rise of "campus loan" has caused many college students to be trapped in it. In April 2016, the Ministry of Education and the Banking Regulatory Commission jointly issued the Notice on Strengthening Campus Bad Network Loan Risk Prevention and Educational Guidance, explicitly requesting colleges and universities to establish a daily monitoring mechanism and real-time early warning mechanism for campus bad network lending, and at the same time, to establish a coping mechanism for campus bad network lending.
On September 6, 2017, the Ministry of Education issued a clear "ban on campus lending business, any network lending institutions are not allowed to grant loans to college students." Under these severe crackdown, "campus loan" is gradually away from the world of many students. But let a person unexpectedly, college students away from the "campus loan", but was "routine loan" to focus on.


New campus loan
Recently, the police in Anyang, Henan Province, knocked out a campus routine loan gang, the suspect through a new online shopping platform, lured college students into the trap of "routine loan", deceived more than 11,000 students.
On March 26, police in Anyang, Henan Province, were alerted that a college student had been rushed for money by usury. Families and friends were threatened, insulted and abused, and his teachers and classmates were harassed by telephone.
Cheng Zhibo, Wenhui Branch of Anyang Public Security Bureau, said: "During the class, there is no way to go to class without receiving bombing calls from criminal gangs. After you hang him up, he still keeps on calling. On average, he can make two or three hundred, three or four hundred calls a day."
Through forensic investigation, the police found that the gang, by recommending relevant online shopping platforms for loan repayment as a routine, gradually lured college students into the "routine loan" trap, and then through intimidation, threats, abuse, the use of "crazy bombing" and other software to harass students'parents, classmates and teachers, and even used as a graphic software. The nude photos of the victims, their classmates and teachers, and the photos of the Ling Tang are widely distributed on campus, exerting tremendous mental pressure on borrowers.
Cheng Zhiwei, Wenhui Branch of Anyang Public Security Bureau, Henan Province, said: "More than 95% of the victims are college students, a total of more than 10,000 people, distributed throughout the country."
Anyang Municipal Public Security Bureau quickly set up a special group, tossing more than 10 provinces to investigate and collect evidence, and found out the context of the criminal group. Through more than two months of detection, a total of 126 suspects, 11 vehicles, 10 real estate, identified the amount involved in 34.8 million yuan. At present, 5 main suspects have been arrested by the procuratorial organs of Anyang.


17 year olds commit suicide by deceive students through online shopping platforms
In the course of solving the case, the police found that the case of campus loans and the past is different, in order to escape the severe attack of the public security organs, criminal gangs changed the way to lend, so that the loan routine more hidden.
This is a mobile phone shopping website called Quality Mall, which introduces young users aged 18 to 28 who can buy digital products in installments. Looking at the purchase of digital products, the actual police investigation found that the platform does not really sell mobile phones, but a disguised lending platform, the site stipulates that users can click on the purchase of goods by stages, and then resell the goods to other businesses, get the corresponding valuation of other businesses, so as to arbitrage cash. Although cash is only 600 yuan, but the repayment is to buy 1000 yuan at that time, if you can not pay back on time, a day will be in accordance with the amount of arrears of 10% interest.
Police found that many college students who did not have a source of income, although they knew they had been deceived, but in the face of the threat of criminal suspects and face problems, can only be forced into the "campus loan" trap.
Some students are forced to repay hundreds of thousands of yuan by borrowing money from the old ones. In such a way of loans hidden under various shopping platforms, but also for the detection of the police increased the difficulty.
In the investigation, the police found that many students fell into the routine loan, because of the threat of criminal suspects, chose to commit suicide. Victim student Zhang Mou: "The more money rolling, I think my life is not clear, he scolded me, threatened me, threatened me, if you do not pay the money to come home, or to my school, let me finish school."
Under endless harassment, Shandong University Student Li Mou and Xinxiang University Student Yang Mou were forced to drop out of school because of severe depression caused by arrears collected; Penglai University Student Yang Mou was forced to drop out of school because his girlfriend and sister nude photos were sent to the campus Baidu Tieba by the collectors; Zhejiang Hangzhou University Student Liu Mou, 17, was forced to drop out of school because of sperm. God was under pressure and died.



Why does campus credit stop repeatedly?

In fact, the prevalence of campus lending, there must be a market need, many contemporary college students vanity is very strong, the family's living expenses are not enough to use, buy high-end mobile phones, brand-name bags, these all need a lot of money, so in order to meet their vanity, loans is a good way, after investigation In fact, most of the campus loan users are not very poor people, but have enough living expenses, but people with strong consumer desire, campus usury is indeed illegal, but there are still some legitimate platforms to extend loans to college students.
Because of the vast market, various Internet platforms began to provide credit services, such as ant gold clothes, Jingdong campus white gold bars, millet loans, 360 loans, and even where to go to the Internet to provide small loans, many of these platforms also use daily interest system, the interest rate is naturally much lower than illegal campus loans.
How high is the interest on illegal campus loans that lends borrowers? A campus loan user calculated an account:
17000 yuan, 24 points repayment, the monthly need to return 916.7.
It doesn't seem to be exaggerated to be assessed every month. But after careful calculation, borrowing 17000 yuan will eventually cost 22000 yuan, with an annual interest rate of 30%. You know, the average annual interest rate of a regular bank loan is only 5%, which is a six times gap.
A more exaggerated example is borrowing 6,000 yuan, paying interest 500 yuan the next day, without a fine of 300 yuan, and eventually accumulating into millions.
In addition to cash loans, there is another mode of campus loans, that is, staged shopping sites for students.
Is campus loan evil? Not always. It grew up in the blank period after the formal bank called off campus loans and related student credit card business, and its existence was intended to cater to China's 40 million college students "ahead of the consumer" huge market. Most campus lending platforms are not as strict as banks in terms of auditing (with identity information), but also to meet the needs of ordinary students.

Among the users of campus loans, there are positive examples of reasonable use and on-time repayment --- seeing a favorite bag, lending in installments, then paying back through work-study programs, scholarships and so on, is not a problem in itself. However, most of the students who use campus loans are basically a group of people whose abilities do not match their desires. There's so much you want and so little you're willing to give that when it doesn't match, you end up dead in the chasm you've dug.

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