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Achieving a better new era of high school education

Release time: 2014-07-01
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Wu Guoping. Senior school teacher and Principle of Zhenhai Middle School. Master tutor of Ningbo University, chief instructor of Ningbo University President. Teacher of the middle school principal training center of the Ministry of Education, and Zhejiang Province educational inspector.


 ■ President's column ·Education is the fulfillment of people.

 Zhenhai Middle School is a district (county) middle school rooted in a coastal town with a registered population of only 230,000. It is located in a remote, resource-small, but in a generation of towns. Thanks to the unremitting efforts, we have achieved remarkable results in running schools and have exerted certain influence in the country.

In late October 2016, more than 300 middle school principals from all over the country gathered at our school to listen to the principals from 8 national famous high schools from Fudan Fuzhong, Shenzhen Middle School and Shanxi Normal University. The changes in school curriculum and teaching in the context of the new college entrance examination, share new experiences, and collide with new thinking. In November 2017, the second such event was held. In the future, this form of forum will be settled in our school all year round. As one of the host and keynote speakers, I really felt the power and value of the prestigious school.


In recent years, many people have publicly questioned the past and present life of famous schools and questioned the name of the famous schools. However, from a historical, comprehensive, dialectical and systematic rational perspective, I believe that the majority of primary and secondary schools play an important role in the reform and innovation of China's basic education. For example, in 2014, the Ministry of Education organized the first national-level basic education teaching achievement award application. On the final list of winners, we can see too many famous and even well-known primary and secondary schools. One of my strong feelings is that in the wave of basic education reforms, the famous schools have always rushed to the forefront. They are worthy of the title of practitioners, pioneers, and pioneers in the reform and opening up of education. The practice of the formation of famous schools is China. The most shining part of the basic education reform and development results.


In the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "it is a priority to develop education. Building a strong country of education is the basic project of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and education must be given priority." At present, the development of quality education is still inadequate, and the distribution is still uneven. The common people are still trying their best to squeeze out their heads in order to enjoy limited quality education resources. In the process of achieving full coverage of quality education, in addition to the government's efforts, grassroots schools, especially some primary and secondary schools, can also shoulder the burden and make a difference. In fact, these schools have also done a lot of work. Over the years, our school has taken the initiative to play its own advantages and radiation demonstration role, actively carry out the export and sharing of quality education resources, and establish branch campuses, school training, teaching and teaching, curriculum sharing, and publishing in more than 10 regions in and outside the province. In the form of books, teacher training, conference discussions, exchanges and investigations, education assistance was greatly promoted, and the level of running a group of weak schools, post-schools or new schools was improved, which produced good social benefits. This work will continue as we continue and deepen.


The general high school curriculum and 14 curriculum standards (2017 edition) released by the Ministry of Education recently are an important strategic deployment of basic education, especially high school education, after China entered a new era, which has opened up a new era of reform in ordinary high school education. The curtain will make high school education develop more fully, more balanced and better. After seriously studying and comprehending the new program and new standards, I have made a plan for the education and teaching of the next stage of our school, and will focus on the following two points -


First, pay more attention to the cultivation of family feelings and the inheritance of Chinese excellent culture. The new program and new standards convey a strong signal that the party and the state highly value the excellent traditional culture and attach great importance to cultivating the feelings of the future successors. Therefore, our education must do more work and play a greater role in shaping China's soul, sticking to China's position, enhancing cultural self-confidence, and connecting the Chinese nation's past, present and future spiritual and cultural blood. In the future, we will make full use of the school's nearly 30 sea defense sites (love bases), historical and cultural attractions, and further consolidate the students' traditional cultural heritage through the discipline penetration, activity expansion, and elective curriculum construction, and stimulate a stronger sense of home and country.


Second, we must focus on promoting the full development of students' comprehensive and individualized. The new program proposes a new orientation of “one center, three adaptations, and one lay” for ordinary high schools, which further reflects the concern for “people”, the recognition of individual values of individuals and the observation of individual career development. In line with this, we have launched a teaching reform project for the core literacy of the “four forces” of the middle school students in the town. The so-called "four forces" refers to learning, creativity, leadership, and aesthetic power. The core literacy of these four towns and students includes both the common content of the state, and highlights the history of running schools, cultural heritage, value pursuit, and development. We will base ourselves on the four paths of “school culture infiltration”, “study system perfection”, “innovation of teaching methods” and “enhancement of career education”, leading and organizing a group of subject groups and teachers to carry out more in their respective subject areas and jobs. 

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Wu Guoping. Senior school teacher and Principle of Zhenhai Middle School. Master tutor of Ningbo University, chief instructor of Ningbo University President. Teacher of the middle school principal training center of the Ministry of Education, and Zhejiang Province educational inspector.  ■ President's column ·Education is the fulfillment of people. Zhenhai Middle School is ...
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