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Hierarchical shift teaching has a certain impact on students, teachers and school management. Therefore, how to establish and improve the relevant management mechanism of "hierarchical shift system" is very important. Our school focuses on the following aspects:Form a flat management mode. The management mode of pyramid structure, which is copied from the traditional management, is that the principal is at the top, the ordinary teacher is at the bottom of the pyramid, and there is a lot of separation between them. Many effective decisions and instructions may be ignored in the teachi...
release time: 2018 - 10 - 02
In recent years, the sudden rise of "campus loan" has caused many college students to be trapped in it. In April 2016, the Ministry of Education and the Banking Regulatory Commission jointly issued the Notice on Strengthening Campus Bad Network Loan Risk Prevention and Educational Guidance, explicitly requesting colleges and universities to establish a daily monitoring mechanism and real-time early warning mechanism for campus bad network lending, and at the same time, to establish a coping mechanism for campus bad network lending.On September 6, 2017, the Ministry of Education issue...
release time: 2018 - 10 - 01
At the seminar on the development of online education in the new era and the fifth anniversary of the school online conference held recently, more than 600 people, including educational experts at home and abroad, representatives of internationally renowned courseware platforms, masters of fine courseware, learners of courseware, and representatives of enterprises, gathered to discuss the future development prospects of online education.Breaking the space and time limit of traditional education and mooing lead to the transformation of education and teaching mode in Chinese UniversitiesYu Shiji...
release time: 2018 - 09 - 11
On June 5th, Anhui Province Fuyang No. 3 Middle School Senior High School (24) students were pleased to receive the admission examination certificate for the 2018 college entrance examination in Anhui Province. On the afternoon of June 6, China Education News, a middle school affiliated to the China University of Geosciences, lined up to hug students who are about to go to the examination room.On the evening of June 5, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Shapingba District of Chongqing City carried out a nighttime surprise investigation and used a noise detector to detect noise polluti...
release time: 2018 - 06 - 07
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