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Personalize the homework for students basing on the syllabus.; Make sure every student understand t

Date: 2018-09-27
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Basing on the syllabus and personalizing the homework is the best way to improve students' academic performance.

It is also the teacher's foothold in "teaching" and turning it into a recipe for students to "learn". In the pair of teachers and students, “teacher” is the dominant, “student” is the “subject”, “dominant” must know the “subject”, study the “subject”, pay attention to the “subject”. Then leading" can make a difference. Therefore, in the teaching management of Jieren High School, based on the students rather than on the teacher, based on the “study case” rather than the “teaching case”, the teachers of Jieren must melt every knowledge point of the subject in a piece of paper. In the case study, let the students understand, know, and master all the homework assignments must be differentiated, and "everyone got progress and all can become talents."

Knowledge "three clear", do not leave a tail, is to let learning difficulties do not pile up, do not owe, do not hinder, lightly loaded, steadfast forward, a little progress every day, and eventually walk 25,000 miles. Jeren's "three clear" is - daily homework "day clear", not in arrears; weekly knowledge points "week clear", not accumulation; every month pass the examination, not arrears. If there is no "Sanqing", the school will prompt the students to "Sanqing" by timely, strict and effective training and personalized counseling, so as to improve the top students, middle students and underachievers.

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