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Constructing a Moral Education Dual System

Date: 2018-09-27
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Source: 杰仁高中

The so-called "dual system" refers to the education based on the norms of behavior, guided by the education of ideals, goals, morality, spirituality and personality, and cultivates talents comprehensively, comprehensively and with high quality.


The school implements semi-military management of closed boarding system, strictly controlling the use of student smartphones, so as to prohibit the order, and be nervous and orderly.


Vigorously explore the potential of students, and commend and encourage students in all aspects. The school will set up three awards: “Jie Ren Outstanding Student”, “Jie Ren Excellent Student” and “Jie Ren Good Student”, commending the advanced, inspiring and advancing, and creating a vigorous and uplifting campus environment.

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