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Shenzhen Jieren Senior High School

Address:No. 7, Chaoyang Road, Yanchuan, Songgang Community, Baoan District, Shenzhen

Bus routes: 655 Guangtian Shenya Gas Bus stop, B775 Dahua Feijie Science and Technology Park Bus stop

Elf-driving route: Longgang or Songgang exit of Nanguang Expressway, 

turn right at Guangtian Shenya Gas Station, drive 300 meters on the Chaoyang Rd.

Tel: 0755-81766642 / 0755-81765577

Contact: Mr. Tang    13392843326


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Shenzhen JR Senior High School  
AddressChina · Shenzhen · Bao'an District · No. 7 Chaoyang, Yanchuan Community, Songgang Street
Call:0755-81766642 / 0755-81765577
PhoneTeacher Tang 13392843326
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