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Campus Life Case

The senior students must read: the professional names that are easy to be misunderstood

Date: 2015-01-15
Views: 3223


Myth 1: Biomedical Engineering = Biology + Medicine: This profession is often misunderstood as a simple addition of biology and medicine. In fact, this major is an uncompromising engineering major. This major is developed by combining the theories of biology, medicine, and engineering, but it is different from traditional biology and medicine, and is different from pure engineering.




Myth 2: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and Computers are not relatives. Mathematics and applied mathematics are important bridges between mathematics and natural sciences, engineering technology and information, management, economics, finance, society and humanities. The scope of research is extensive.




Myth 3: Information and computing science are close to computers. The major in information and computational science is actually a mathematics subject, which is far from the computer science. Information and computational science is an interdisciplinary subject that combines mathematics with information and management in the field of information. The core courses are: mathematical models, Mathematical experiments, financial analysis, software design, etc.




Myth 4: Accounting major belongs to economics. Accounting majors do not belong to the economics category, but belong to the business administration category. After graduation, they take a bachelor's degree in management rather than a bachelor's degree in economics.




Myth 5: Actuarial science is a major in mathematics. Although this profession has a certain connection with mathematical calculation methods, it is not in the mathematics camp. It is a specialty of finance and insurance disciplines. This profession uses mathematical theories such as probability theory and various financial instruments to study how to deal with various risks in the insurance industry and other financial industries.




Myth 6: Information resource management is a computer major. This major is not a computer major, but an authentic management major. This major cultivates systematic knowledge of information resource management theory, familiar with various information resource management processes and related technologies, and you are applied and complex talents who are skilled in applying modern technology.




Myth 7: Medical imaging engineering is medical. The medical imaging engineering program is part of the electrical information category and is an interdisciplinary subject integrating mathematics, computer science, physics, information technology and medicine. It has a distinctive combination of medicine and work, and is mainly based on work. After graduation, it is awarded a bachelor's degree in engineering.




Myth 8: The shipping management profession belongs to the transportation category. Although this profession deals with transportation and water, this profession belongs to the management profession.




Myth 9: Geology is a terrible prospecting and mining. Geology Due to the development of science and technology, the use of remote sensing technology, global positioning system, computer science, ultra-high temperature and high pressure technology, tracer isotope and other technologies has significantly expanded the breadth and precision of simulation. In particular, this profession has played an important role in solving energy, resources, ecological environment, natural disaster prevention and development of new materials.




Myth 10: Environmental Science = Wastewater Treatment. This major is mainly a comprehensive study: the basic movement laws of the "human---environment" system and its regulation. It mainly studies the basic theories of environmental science, masters the methods of environmental monitoring and environmental quality assessment, and the skills of environmental planning and management. This profession does not put sewage treatment first. It is a profession that regulates the balance of living environment.




Myth 11: When you graduate from psychology, you should be a psychiatrist. Psychology trains the basic skills and theories of psychology, and can engage in the research, teaching and management of psychology in research departments, universities, enterprises and institutions.

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