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Campus Life Case

Academic quality evaluation reform brings vitality into primary and secondary education

Date: 2018-06-01
Views: 3445

Recently, the Education Bureau of Nanshan District of Guangdong Province issued the “Guiding Opinions on the Evaluation of Academic Quality of Primary and Secondary Schools in Nanshan District (Trial)”. From the beginning of this semester, students in primary and middle schools in Nanshan District evaluated comprehensive reforms and broke a paper. On the tradition of heroes. The reform of academic quality evaluation follows the principle of “pointing to the whole process”, “multi-dimensional content”, “subject diversity” and “diversity of methods”, with 70% of the final-time test, 10% of the process evaluation and comprehensive display of the subject. The evaluation is calculated as a ratio of 20%, and the total score is 100 points. After the semester is aggregated, it is converted into a grade to fill in the “School Quality Report for Primary and Middle School Students”.


Over the years, the reform of primary and secondary education has been difficult. The main reason for this is that local education authorities and the society use test scores as the main criterion for measuring the quality of education. Schools and teachers are afraid to boldly innovate in the face of education reform, and still wear new shoes. Take the old road. The implementation of the "Opinions" will completely break the tradition of "a paper test paper hero", inject new vitality into the reform of primary and secondary education, and bring new opportunities for the development of primary and secondary education.


First, the implementation of the Opinions will promote profound changes in school education. First, the reform of academic quality assessment is a new test and challenge for primary and secondary education. School leaders must change management thinking and mode, study new curriculum reform, innovation evaluation system, assessment system and comprehensive teaching evaluation program to adapt to academic quality evaluation reform. The second is to put forward higher requirements for frontline teachers. Teachers must constantly learn and change old ideas, thinking and teaching methods to adapt to the new situation of education.


According to the "Opinions", the evaluation of academic quality should follow the principle of "pointing to the whole process", "multi-dimensional content", "subject diversity" and "diversity of methods". This means that the teaching methods, teaching process and teaching content should undergo profound changes: teachers should expand the teaching content, change the utilitarian teaching status of “teaching the content of the exam, not teaching the content of the exam”, and strive to multi-dimensional teaching content; teachers It is necessary to improve the comprehensive quality of the disciplines in order to cultivate students' comprehensive disciplinary ability; teachers should guide students to learn and guide students to transfer knowledge in order to effectively improve students' ability to adapt to the future society. These contents that cannot be comprehensively examined in the paper examination paper will be fully reflected in the process evaluation.


Secondly, the implementation of the "Opinions" will promote the profound changes in students' learning style, learning content and learning ability. In the era of exam-oriented education, the content of student learning is closely related to the test baton, the learning content is narrowed, and the learning behavior is passive. The implementation of the "Opinions" will completely change the status quo of "Heroes with Achievements". The comprehensive defense of the disciplines, self-selection evaluation, etc. require students to learn self-learning, comprehensive learning, personalized learning, and learn self-evaluation, self-evaluation, and become learning. the host. Learning takes place not only in the classroom, but also in extracurricular learning and homework. At the same time, the study pays more attention to the cultivation of ability, such as reading ability, thinking ability, experimental operation ability, social practice ability, etc., paying attention to the learning experience and learning attitude, and attaching importance to the improvement of learning process and learning ability. Only in this way can we stand out in the process evaluation.


Third, the implementation of the Opinions will change the evaluation criteria for parents and society on the quality of primary and secondary education. For many years, the quality of parents and social evaluation schools has also been based on performance. Many parents believe that school education is successful if they stand out in the exam and get into the ideal university. The "Opinions" attach importance to the process evaluation, comprehensive evaluation and the improvement of students' ability. Parents will witness the changes in education reform while witnessing the growth of their children. This will change the understanding of parents and society on education evaluation and inject new impetus into school education reform.

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