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Campus Life Case

The most important gap between prestigious and non-prestigious schools is affecting our life

Date: 2013-11-29
Views: 3435

1. The gap between a prestigious school and a non-prestigious school is not a difference in income, but a way of thinking and doing things.


Recently, the college entrance examination results, many people are reporting their wishes. I received some letters, all of whom were high school students. The letter said: "Sister X, I can only get two college entrance examination results, but you also graduated two times in the same year. I think I can be as good as you when I graduate."


No, you wait, I heard about me. I graduated from the second school. Maybe you think that I am still very good now, but I still feel that I have a huge gap with the students of the famous schools. This gap is not the salary after graduation, nor the gap in academic level, but a way of thinking and doing things. Why do you say that?


I have been unable to clearly describe this gap until I recently saw a passage in the book "Jing Jin", which is very relevant:


"A mature person, his standard comes from his heart, and most people are influenced by the environment. A young person enters a less-than-excellent college, and his own standards will be reduced involuntarily to adapt to this environment. To reduce conflicts between themselves and the environment, which may be fatal to their lives."


"Those students admitted to the second and third tier universities, because of the frustration caused by the college entrance examination itself, the identity of the students in the second and third tier colleges and the environment on time, the disappointment caused by incompetent teachers and the role of the laissez-faire atmosphere It is easy for them to spend each day consciously 'satisfied' under a low standard."


When I saw this passage, I thought about how the juniors and seniors felt when they were studying at Peking University. What is most shocking to me at Peking University is not that the teacher is more bullish, the classmates are more intelligent, but an atmosphere in which everyone is actively working. For example, after the final exam, the study room is still brightly lit, and the class is always full of people. The classroom is changed 20 minutes during the class. The school is full of people running around with bread running. Everyone has no time to learn crazy and participate in various activities. In my eyes, they are always full of fighting spirits. They are especially excited about talking about various competitions and activities. Every day, they are busy from the blink of an eye, and it is common to go to sleep at one or two in the evening. No one complained about their hard work, and no one complained that life was tough. Everyone was busy with chickens and dogs, but they were very happy.


What I have always remembered is the mental state of life and learning that emanates from everyone. This state can't help but drive me. Although I am very different from them, it constantly motivates me to align with them. Until now, I have been asking myself with the standards of the most horrible people I can see. Although I can't do it often, it makes me feel that I am a person who has requirements for myself, living in self-discipline and introspection. Hard work, but there has always been great progress.


My university is two schools, and some netizens from two schools wrote to me to say some status quo. For example, if you study hard, you will be rejected by people around you. The students complain that the teacher is not good enough to sleep in the dormitory every day. The learning atmosphere is very good. The difference is only to study hard when the exam is taken. Some individual students who work harder (such as me), if they don't look at the real world outside, they will feel that they are quite good, or feel that their efforts are rejected by their classmates. It may be their fault.


In fact, every student enters the university with a hard-working mentality. There are good students in one or two books, and people who work hard and diligently, but why do you disappear by more than half when walking? In fact, these words in "Jingjin" "will involuntarily lower their own standards to adapt to this environment, reduce their own conflicts with the environment, and consciously 'satisfied' through each day under a low standard."






2. Why do famous companies like to be students at prestigious schools?


Why do famous companies like students at prestigious schools? Unnamed schools expressed dissatisfaction. At that time, I also felt that I was not convinced. The students from non-prestigious schools also worked hard. Why did they kill a stick? After I entered the society for a long time, I realized that in fact, what the famous enterprises want is not a high GPA score, but an inner spiritual state.


As described in the article "How do young people with millions of dollars live?": "The young people who earn millions a year, they hold high salaries, but still choose to work late into the night, and their state is very different. Every day, I feel excited and very positive for myself to make the world a little better. Their hard work is not hard work, nor is it a million-year salary. Hard work is the way for them to achieve self-realization, and self-realization makes him endlessly happy. The world is a high-speed operation of people around the clock, and another person gets up and finds that the world has changed. "Do you feel like you are getting old and tall?" What is the working and living state of most of us?


When I work hard, I start to pay attention to fairness. I don’t want to start complaining about the company and the leader. After reading a few pages after work, I feel that I am particularly motivated. After a few days of hard work, I feel that I have to hurry to enjoy life. I am worried that I will die too much. When I encounter some trivial things, I feel unhappy, as if I have encountered a big problem in my life, I can’t solve it. Those who see the bulls will also be envious, but they will never break through the effort but they will not be able to lead the curse.


Of course, this can't be said to be dead. The famous schools are not necessarily 100%. The non-prestigious schools also have outstanding talents. But on a large scale, a person will be greatly affected by the environment, and "Jingjin" also said a sentence. Words: "A second- and third-rate university student can bravely ask himself if he is a middle school student or a high-end student. It is the right thing to do. He will certainly benefit from it." I sent this sentence to a university teacher, she Tell me: "It's too difficult. I asked my students so much, but the difference in level is too great. Most students can't understand it. Maybe they will understand it after graduation."


However, it is hard to understand after graduation. In the school, there is no requirement for yourself. It is even harder to enter the social environment, so the people who work hard seem to be so unsociable.




3. The more capable, the harder you work; the more money you have, the more you move up.


A few days ago, I went back to my hometown. My sister asked me. What do you think is the biggest difference between Beijing and the second and third tier cities? I said: "Beijing does not have to compare with second- and third-tier cities. Beijing itself has different levels of people. I summed up a few words: "The more capable, the harder you work; the more money, the more you go."


At the time of writing this article, a friend came to me to discuss something. She still has 50 days to have children, with twins. The sisters have been financially free for many years. During the pregnancy, they opened two more companies to create a female financial platform (often seeing her fascinating with a lot of Bai Fumei, fell!). You may ask: "Who is this?" This is the ordinary person, ordinary people who are financially free, rich, and capable.


After entering the society for ten years and eight years, the differences between the famous and non-prestigious schools and the basic academic education are gradually becoming less obvious. More is the experience of personal experience, experience and socialization. Some people live better and better, and some people can't find the North, and even the days are getting worse. And the difference that causes all of this, the most important comes from the spiritual core of people. Simply put, attitude determines behavior and behavior determines outcome. You are a motivated person, or a person who loves to complain about laziness and laziness, and directly determines all the life after you.


At this moment, one's spiritual core comes from the demands and changes of oneself after entering the society, and half comes from the thinking and living habits cultivated from small to large. The former is very likely to change, but it takes a lot of effort. Many of the universities we see in the society, but the elites who have entered the society are all from this. Through continuous self-innovation and experience, we have reshaped one. After entering the society, I am myself.


Others, who come from the atmosphere of a famous school, have always demanded themselves with high standards, and they themselves live in such a hierarchy and circles, and classmates and colleagues are like people. You will find that in the leaders, or in the famous enterprises, they all exist in batches in batches.


But no matter how many people they have, the commonality is that they work hard and are especially diligent. This kind of hard work is not only on oneself, but also on your partner and your own children. I chatted with a friend a few days ago. She is a famous person in the society. Her husband is a well-known photographer and has a girl of about five years old. She told me that when my child was a little older, I had to go to a lot of training classes, etc. She listed five things on her daughter such as dance, piano, equestrian, and taekwondo.


Maybe you will say that the child is too hard, will she be happy? The answer is that her daughter is super happy. Every day she lives a little princess. When she goes to school, she is anxious to go to various training classes. She often proposes to learn this. Her mother doesn’t have time to see her. Let her grow up and go.


You feel hard because you feel that your study and life are very hard, and you will feel that a child learns so much harder. In the lives of these people, curiosity, hard work, and positive are the normal things, and they take things for granted.


It is difficult for us to clearly and rigorously say what the gap between the prestigious and non-prestigious schools is, whether it is the income level after graduation or the standard of living. However, if we change the angle, from the perspective of thinking and attitude, the self-discipline, the positive, the brave, and the braveness that the famous school brings can be a lifetime, even a generation. Money is difficult to pass on for many generations, but the spirit can be passed on forever.


Even those who are not famous schools but still achieve extraordinary achievements in society, they also have the same spirit and temperament, these outstanding people who have rebuilt after self-transformation and great efforts, they are together with outstanding talents from famous universities. Active on the stage of life and create your own glory.


Of course, what about non-prestigious schools, and what is the glory of us? Just like the sentence in the text, the students of the ordinary second- and third-rate universities demand themselves from the standards of the famous schools. The average person uses the standards of the cattle people to ask themselves. Even if they fail to become a particularly good one, they must be better than ourselves.


I read a sentence in "The New Oriental Spirit": "You must use the standards of the cattle to ask yourself, and continue to go to the cattle, and draw closer to the cattle. When you feel that you can become one of them. When you are a member, you can become a real cow."

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