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Campus Life Case

Ministry of Education: Cancel the policy of extra points for talent student in sports and Olympic math in the 2018 college entrance examination

Date: 2013-11-29
Views: 3435

Recently, the Ministry of Education has issued the Notice on the Enrollment of Colleges and Universities in 2018 (hereinafter referred to as the Notice).

Comprehensive deployment of general colleges and universities enrollment this year


According to the website of the Ministry of Education, in accordance with relevant regulations, the national college entrance examination plus points such as sports specialties, middle school students' academic olympics, science and technology competitions, provincial outstanding students, and ideological and political morals have been completely abolished.


The "Notice" clarifies six key tasks for enrollment in ordinary colleges and universities in 2018.

Firstly, we will fully guarantee the safety and stability of the college entrance examination.


Strengthen the organization and leadership of the college entrance examination work, strengthen departmental collaboration, and focus on the special action of comprehensive management of the examination environment. Strengthen the supervision of the whole process of the test paper circulation link to ensure that the test papers are absolutely safe.




The second is to actively and steadily promote the reform of college entrance examinations.


Carefully organize and smoothly implement reform pilots and implement reform and improvement measures. Actively promote the implementation of special reforms such as the high school level examination and comprehensive quality evaluation. Further promote the reduction of admission batch reform and higher vocational classification.




The third is to further promote fairness in schooling opportunities in urban and rural areas.


Continue to implement the “National Support for Central and Western Region Enrollment and Collaboration Program”, continue to implement special programs for key colleges and universities to recruit students from rural areas and poverty-stricken areas, further implement and improve the children who are moving in the inflow place to participate in the college entrance examination policy, and strengthen the “college entrance examination immigration” according to law. Comprehensive governance.




The fourth is to further strictly regulate the management of admissions work.


Strictly abide by the "30 non-permit" admissions ban, conscientiously implement the ten-opening requirements for enrollment information, and strictly enforce special types of enrollment management. Increase the intensity of enrollment violations. Candidates who are deceived in all types of enrollment, in addition to canceling their corresponding types of enrollment qualifications, cancel their qualifications for the college entrance examination, exams and admissions.




The fifth is to further strengthen the information security of college entrance examinations.


Enhance safety awareness, improve the security system, improve the management system, strengthen safety inspections, eliminate potential safety hazards, and ensure the safety of enrollment information.




The sixth is to carry out in-depth recruitment and publicity services.


Increase the integrity education of candidates, strengthen the enrollment publicity and comprehensive protection, and provide reasonable accommodation for the disabled to participate in the college entrance examination. Adhere to the correct orientation, standardize volunteer guidance and news reports.




According to the "Implementation Opinions of the State Council on Deepening the Reform of the Enrollment System for Examinations" and the "Opinions of the Ministry of Education of the State Council of the Ministry of Public Security, the State Sports General Administration of the State Council of Science and Technology of China on Further Reducing and Regulating the Points and Points of the College Entrance Examination,"




The national college entrance examination plus points such as sports specialties, middle school students' Olympic competitions, science and technology competitions, provincial outstanding students, and ideological and political morals have been abolished.


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