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Campus Life Case

At the end of the term, the class teacher most wants to say these 19 sentences to the parents.

Date: 2013-11-29
Views: 3432


At the end of the period, one semester is over. At the end of this year, as a teacher, you, as a class teacher, have something to say to your parents? Regarding children's learning, life and other aspects, is there a lot of words to communicate and communicate with parents?


If these words are well said and well said, it will not only make a perfect ending for this semester, but also lay a good foundation for the new semester next year. This is an art!


1. Parents hope that teachers will ask their children more, lest the children have fewer opportunities to speak than others. In fact, for children, the first thing you need to learn is to listen – this is the key to learning. Without the premise of listening and contemplation, the so-called "active speech" is just an inefficiency for performance.


2, The score of an exam is not so important, the important thing is that the knowledge is mastered, and more importantly, whether the child likes to read. Even from the perspective of the test, in the long run, reading is the soil in which all the homework is rooted. His poverty and richness are of great importance.


3, Raising and rearing, in the material conditions are relatively rich today - parental responsibility is more important, education, rather than raising.


4, The child needs your support - today's support, it is for the future no support or less support, otherwise the problem will accumulate more and more, the gap will get bigger and bigger, the child and you will be unbearable.


5, The same class, the competition between children, in the final analysis, is the overall quality of parents and the effort to compete. I don’t even care about it, but the test is a big deal and it’s irresponsible.


6. When people say that this child is different from that child, it is mainly the difference between the parent and the parent.


7. When you feel that the pay is not fully rewarded, think like this: If I don't do it, the child's potential will not be explored. Then calm down - do what you need to do.


8. As an educator, if you want your child to love learning, you must first be a scholar. Teachers are like this, and so are parents.


9. If you want your child to be good, then become a reading-type parent, then start from tonight - with your child, read a book quietly. If you can't sit at the desk for half an hour, how do you ask your child to insist on five or six hours of hard work from morning to night?


10. The more difficult a child is to learn, the more obstacles he seems to overcome in his studies, the more he should read.


11. In fact, whether it is basic knowledge, reading or writing, the fundamental way to improve your ability is to read extracurricularly.


12. The so-called intelligence is the ability to read.


13. As a teacher, we know the importance of scores better than anyone else. However, that is more important than the score, we never dare to forget.


14. For teachers, true like-minded people exist among parents. When everyone is moving and brainstorming, this collective is called awesome! Some people say that the teacher is not a class, but two, one is a student class and the other is a parent class. I very much agree.


15. One-third of parents are active and follow-up; one-third of parents are reluctant to cope; one-third of parents are basically unable to keep up. And this is the main reason for passing, good and excellent opening.


16. A small step a day, a big step in a week, a long one in January - one semester is in two different grades. Children with the same qualifications, different parents, their development will be different.


17. Don't worry, don't compare, don't expect to eat fat, don't ask for more than your child's ability to accept. Reading is a lifelong matter, and it is important that it is uninterrupted and exciting. As long as he is reading, as long as he is more happy this week than last week, he should be encouraged.


18, Let the children face the difficulties in learning, break the myth that learning is very casual, this is what every wise teacher has to do. In this process, students will not only acquire knowledge, but also have important non-intellectual factors such as perseverance, perseverance, and courage to overcome difficulties.


19. What students rely on for their outstanding achievements, in addition to talent, is more self-control, concentration and curiosity. These qualities are too important for the growth of children.

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